Clear messages, strong positions, powerful images. Our world is loud, colourful and digitally networked. Our life is constantly changing. If you want to be heard in today's world, you need a partner who creates dialogue, sets topics and produces good images.

adel & link is an independent and entrepreneurial PR agency based in Frankfurt/Main. Founded in 2011 by Natalie Link and Matthias Adel.

Our mission is to successfully position our clients in the German media. To achieve this, we communicate transparently with clients and the public. We focus on market-leading German and international clients and brands. We have a dialogue-oriented approach in corporate communications and develop sustainable strategies for reputation management. For brands and products, we believe in setting creative highlights in their communication – in traditional and digital media.

We are a young, interdisciplinary team. adel & link is a family-friendly agency.

adel & link stands for honest, transparent and goal-oriented communication. We enter into dialogue with the public. Create authenticity and clear positions in traditional and digital media.

  •    Dialogue Culture


    Talk to each other. Exchange opinions. It helps to understand. There are always conflicts. And very often, these are brought into the public space purposefully in order to achieve a competitive advantage. This is why we base our communication approach on dialogue. In order to be successful in political or business matters, you have to communicate transparently and sustainably – and integrate and involve all stakeholder groups in the discussion at an early stage. This is why we aim to moderate discussions early on. We consider ourselves creators of a constructive dialogue. The stronger position is the deciding factor in any discussion.

  •    Corporate Communications


    Half empty? Half full? Extracting the best message. Glass half full or half empty – all a matter of perspective? Yes, but also a question of putting the facts into the right context. This is especially important for corporations. Because they need reputation and trust. Building and managing reputation is hard work. It is created by continuous investment into the company's brands, products, people and services and their interacton with the media. A company's reputation can easily suffer or be damaged – by mistakes, crises or wrong communication. Companies therefore require a clear communication idea. And people who can carry it into the market – with the ability to put the idea into words and bring it across to the media.

  •    Product & Brand PR


    Why create a fake image? Today, real stories count. Behind every brand, behind every product, there is a story. There are people and their ideas. There is a journey. With challenges and solutions. With successes, hurdles and big decisions. We let brands and products talk in words and images. Tell their story. Show their purpose in our life and how they can change it. We discover aspects that make journalists curious about them. And sometimes surprise. But, most importantly, they are authentic. We communicate topics with creativity, a keen sense for trends and attention to detail. And sometimes with a twinkle in the eye. Because this creates character. Communication in social media channels is rarely completely serious. Questions are antoher important part of lively communication. By journalists, bloggers or consumers. We don't only accept them but take them seriously. And commit ourselves to an answer which is comprehensive. And honest.

  •    Workshops & Coaching


    We create room for ideas, strategies and positionings. In our creative room, we work hard on ideas, texts, strategies and positionings. We debate and argue, ponder, think and reconsider. Work and rework positions and points of view. And put our clients in front of the camera in media and crisis training sessions. To ensure that the results are great when they appear in public. To achieve this, we hold creative brainstorming sessions, strategy workshops, positioning workshops, media training sessions, as well as issues and crisis workshops.

A few Frankfurters. Crisp to the bite. A team of communication experts with different personalities. We value individuality and team spirit, creativity and concept. And we live the important values honesty and reliability.

  •    Natalie Link


    Natalie Link

    British but born in Germany and educating her children bilingually. Inspired by the zeitgeist, this German word that is understood by every Brit or American, just like kindergarten and wunderkind. Loves the creative moments in life. Takes care of brands, products and events. Passionate about staging brands for the media. Brings the international spirit and flair to the agency and networks with agencies and creative like-minded across Europe. A communications expert and business mind who is good with words and numbers.

    Experience: 5 years in international corporations // 14 years in international PR agencies.

  •    Matthias Adel


    Matthias Adel

    Infected by media, communications and sports from an early age. Absorbed the gatekeeper theory by David Manning White while studying and put it into practice later as a journalist. Gives texts structure and creates order. Anticipates, drives and perfects messages with passion. Loves high quality media. Objective moderator – not only of workshops and brainstorming sessions but also of communication conflicts. Believes in strong positionings, clear words and the transparent creation of dialogue.

    Experience: 10 years as journalist and editor // more than 16 years in international PR agencies.

  •    Christoph Muxfeldt


    Christoph Muxfeldt

    His hobby is sports, his talent is communication. The passionate copywriter brought both together early on and initially tried his hand in national sports journalism. This was followed by his free transfer to the world of PR: the PR department of the professional football club Werder Bremen. Christoph then added the theoretical basis during his communication management studies in Leipzig where he deepened his understanding of strategic communications. Afterwards, in the Big Apple, public affairs and social media were on has agenda. This was followed by a stint with a crisis consultancy in the far North of Germany before coming to Frankfurt to join adel & link. Christoph likes being on the road – maybe that’s why he feels at home in the internet.

    Experience: 4 years in corporate communications and corporate publishing //
    2 years as a consultant.

  •    Marisa Puschmann


    While at university, Marisa got to know the PR industry of Frankfurt through different internships and tutorials. It quickly became clear to her that this relationship could have a future. After stops in very small and very large agencies in the Rhine-Main area, the linguistics graduate has now found her place at adel&link. While working in corporate communications, Marisa became acquainted with a broad range of industries. She enjoys working on a variety of topics, regardless of whether it is in the digital or real world. Living outside of Frankfurt, Marisa appreciates the office’s immediate proximity to the central station. Thanks to an internship at PIA (press and information office of the city of Frankfurt) where she was involved in carrying out the street festival “Bahnhofsviertelnacht“, she knows the area quite well, despite being a commuter.

    Experience: 2 years in corporate communications in international and national agencies as well as municipal authorities.

  •    Sabine Karl


    Discovered the power of words in a debating society and found the perfect combination of communication with creativity and concept in her master studies of corporate communications in Mainz. Stories and people behind brands and products fascinate her as well as complex issues. Numerous internships led her to communications departments of international pharmaceutical companies and financial service providers as well as agencies and communications controlling. Born and grown-up in the Thuringian Forest – and after stops in Ecuador and Scotland – now she feels at home in the comparatively tropical Rhine-Main region. In search of new impressions she also likes to satisfy her wanderlust – preferably in Latin America and Asia.

    Experience: 2 years corporate communications in international major corporations and agencies.

We have consulted more than 50 leading corporations – including international clients from the areas of financial services, technology, FMCG and travel. We love this mix of topics and industries. And our clients benefit from it.

In the past, we have worked for and consulted the following corporations, among others:
ABB, Air Products, Brita, British Airways, Commerzbank, Danone, Disney Cruise Line, Ford, GE Energy, illy, Merck, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, PwC, Royal Caribbean International, Saeco, The Economist and TripAdvisor.

Clients and projects:

Visa Europe

adel & link is the external press office for Visa Europe in Germany. We inform media transparently about the European payment organization, entering into a constructive dialogue with them. In order to achieve this, we communicate fast and reliably, focusing on extracting the benefits of payment cards for consumers, retailers and banks. Further information can be found in the Visa Newsroom as well as here:


adel & link does the public relations for the international job and career community Glassdoor in Germany. Furthermore, the team manages the social media activities in the German market. adel & link has accompanied the website’s launch on the German market with an intense media relations program. Further information: and on Twitter

Rentokil Initial

Rentokil Initial is one of the biggest service companies worldwide. In Germany, it is mostly active in pest control, washing room hygiene service, technical hygiene services as well as in indoor greenery. adel & link supports the marketing department in public relations and in proactively approaching the media in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Further information:

National Express / city2city

adel & link has successfully accompanied the launch of the coach service city2city by National Express Germany Ltd. As the external press office for city2city, adel & link has closely stayed in touch with the German media and supported the marketing department of city2city to develop co-operations.

Kairos Grundbesitzentwicklung - Rheinkai 500

Kairos is a real estate development company realising the Rheinkai 500 real estate project at the old duty harbour in Mainz. As the external press office for Kairos, we inform media and other stakeholders about the project status, such as the international architect competition. Further information:


bettervest is an award-winnig platform for equity-based crowdfunding. On citizens can invest in energy efficiency projects of companies and institutions. adel & link was in charge of strategic launch and stakeholder communication for the innovative start-up. We are helping to keep awareness and build trust for this new type of sustainable investment in the German market. Further information:

IBC Ingenieurbau-Consult GmbH

The IBC Ingenieurbau-Consult GmbH celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2014. adel & link has contributed towards their celebrations content-wise and by creating an image brochure for the 50-year existence. Further information:


HUF HAUS is a mid-sized family-owned manufacturer of pre-fabricated houses from the region of Westerwald in Germany. They are global market-leader for state-of-the-art timber frame architecture. adel & link was the German press office for HUF HAUS. We also developed communication concepts and consulted HUF HAUS on all PR questions. In 2012, we had the inspiring task of accompanying the celebrations for the 100 year anniversary of HUF HAUS. Further information:

Leisure Pass Group

Tourism specialist Leisure Pass Group creates and manages 'smart card' pass systems for cities around the world. Founded in 1998, Leisure Pass Group has established pass products in cities including London, Paris and New York. adel & link managed the German press office. Further information:

We are networkers. In Frankfurt. In Germany. And in Europe. We network with specialists from different communications and creative disciplines. We not only share projects - but in many cases have worked with each other for many years.

In our neighbourhood

Internationale Agenturen

Our trendvernissage picks up on societal developments and brings together interesting topics and creative personalities. We create a space for inspiration and give a fresh impetus to the creative, start-up and communication scene in Frankfurt.

The trendvernissage is a series of events we created together with future designer Patrick Mijnals. At these events, we move our desks aside to make room for the future. We fast forward to the trends of tomorrow, pause our everyday life to talk about pioneers, visionaries and sometimes eccentrics. We show how ideas emerge and shape our future and encourage our guests to share their thoughts and get new inspiration.

  •    trendvernissage #1


    trendvernissage #1

    Lifestyle seeks workplace. This was the title of our first trendvernissage. June 20th, around 50 guests came to our office to jointly discover current trends around work topics. A subject that keeps most of us busy at least 40 hours a week and is currently undergoing a transformation. Patrick Mijnals explained how new life styles change our idea of work and how technologies can change the workplace.

    New forms of digital networking through online collaboration tools were one of many examples for the changing work world and the growing trend to networking. But networking is not only happening digitally – it also happens in real life. The blossoming co-working movement which has arrived in Germany and is establishing itself in Frankfurt demonstrates this. A model which brings together a variety of people and professions in shared office space. Here, collective knowledge develops and can be used by all co-workers, as Marion ten Haaf explained in her presentation on the topic. In an interview with the economist Ingo Birkenfeld from Hamburg, the guests then heard a very different view on work and career. Ingo swapped a classical career for a maximum of self-defined time and a minimum of income years ago. An approach which caused many of our guests to question him extensively. During the evening, the idea was born to try out a new co-working format in Frankfurt – a so-called Plug.

  •    trendvernissage #2


    trendvernissage #2

    The art of sharing. The sharing of consumer goods and services is becoming increasingly popular. What is the basis of this social trend? Is it increasing prices (such as for energy and fuel) or the increasing desire for social participation? We are seeing many developments: old common properties are re-discovered, new creative commons develop, the sharing economy is blossoming. The internet and social networks have created a new infrastructure which accelerates the sharing trend. This causes increasing discussions around classical copyright concepts and intellectual property.

    We have invited inspiring pioneers to present their sharing projects. The future designer Patrick Mijnals will share consumer trends and changing social behavior around the topic. Various guests from Frankfurt and elsewhere will provide insights into their projects. Among them Delphine Ménard from Wikimedia, Michael Huebl from flinc and Michael Aechtler from

  •    trendvernissage #3


    trendvernissage #3

    To the future and back. A journey through time into the society of tomorrow. Ordering lunch via your smart phone or wishing a happy birthday to your grandma in Argentina on Skype: the digitisation of our society is on the fast track. Science fiction novels of the 60s, 70s and 80s created visions of wondrous technology that today is a natural part of our daily lives.

    At our third trendvernissage, experts provided insights into the present and a prospect of the future, raising questions such as: to which extent will virtual reality influence our daily lives? And how will technology blaze its trail into the society of the 21st century?

    Thomas Le Blanc, founder of the science fiction library “Phantastische Bibliothek”, gave us one possible answer. Looking back at the past, he talked about the house of the future. As a science fiction author he summarized science fiction literature with regards to artificial intelligence (AI) that will prospectively influence modern housing. Future designer Patrick Mijnals talked about the interface between digital and analogue culture referring to current retro trends. Sven Schulz offered a glimpse of the future: the product designer and expert for Rapid Manufacturing introduced the guests to the world of 3D printing and created jewellery and a pair of scissors from nothing. Art was not left out either: the Gameboy Orchestra showed what these little game consoles are capable of and blew our ears away.

    Find out more about our third trendvernissage on our blog (in German).

  •    trendvernissage #4


    Nine times new – trends 2015. Nine exciting presentations about innovative ideas and future-oriented projects, presented by nine inspiring speakers in front of a full office. From robot technology to social cooking, wearable technology and virtual reality, the wide-ranging topic selection emphasized the variety of trends emerging today and shaping the future of tomorrow.

    The Frankfurt-based future designer and trendvernissage co-founder Patrick Mijnals described the potential “rise of the robots“, while founder and developer Mario Hachemer delighted the audience with a walk on the beach or through the Louvre museum – made possible by the VR headset he brought along. Andre Wollin and the online platform Cookasa which he co-founded enable different people to cook together. Stefanie Hertel alias “Der Käpt’n liebt Hummus“ (the captain loves hummus) served delicious hummus dishes for the guests in the backyard. The architect Felix Nowak showed how people live together when abandoned offices are reconstructed to become creative dwellings. This trend called “office housing“ is highly relevant in Frankfurt where living space is always scarce. The photographer Rosa Aquilar documented the project artistically – her impressive pictures are now part of the agency’s interior decoration.

    With Lisa Lang, founder of ElectroCouture, the presentations became futuristic-technical again. She made a blazer blink by sending an SMS. This showed that technology and fashion go together quite well and should be part of the world‘s runways. During a short break, the guests had the possibility to become creative by themselves – by trying the 3D-Doodler and creating art works like moustaches and hipster glasses. Next, agency founder Natalie Link introduced the audience to the career platform Glassdoor. To support salary transparency and counteract salary inequality, employees can review their company or publish salaries online. And last but by no means least, poetry slammer Finn de Siècle, representative of the generation Z, inspired the audience with one of his latest slam poems.

    Find impressions and more about the 4th trendvernissage on our blog (in German).


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